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January 13, 2010
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1.ask your teacher what they will be teaching, after reply "I'm out" give them your books at leave

2.when your teacher is turned, throw your pen across the room and say "it slipped"

3.When your teacher asks if anyone had any questions, say "yeah, how do i get boredom out of my head!!!!"

4.Pick a normally used word like "and" or "like" and every time it is said, clap your hands and run around your desk in a circle.

5.when answering a true or false questions, everytime its false stand and yell "LIES ALL LIES!!!!" sit down and act as if nothing has happened

6.Name your pen Mr. Pen and ask his opinion on the teacher's questions to you.

7.when your teacher says something intelligent answer with "quite right old bean" in an English sort of manner

8.draw a smiley face on your paper and talk to it Spanish class, specify that you don't speak Spanish so you don't understand everyone bob and all the teachers Mr/Mrs bob

11.hide things and watch your teachers hunt for them

12.tell your teacher that you know that the calk dust is actually cocaine

13.Put a "brain dead….be back soon" on your desk and go to sleep when your teacher asks you to get up ask, "Can't you read the sign?" all your erasers and make them into a big happy family

15.hold a funeral for the trees it took to make the lined paper, demanded for the whole class to take a moment of silence

16.When your teacher explains something laugh loudly and yell "now I get it!!"

17.when the bell rings pick up your desk and turn it around

18.change seats every 5 seconds

19.tell the history teacher that theres no point in learning about dead people cause there will be a zombie apocalypse soon

20.ask your teacher about the meaning of life

21.ask your math teacher and English question

22. Give your teacher abrupt comments about their appearance such as "I like your pants!!!" right in the middle of class

23.Read the lesson ahead of time and raise your hand when your teacher calls on you explain the whole lesson to the class in less then 30 seconds.

24.get everyone in the class to click their pens at the exact same time over and over and over again

25.ask the teacher if you can be excused for life

26.ask your teacher where babies come from in the middle of a lesson

27.before a big test, meditate on your desk and if anyone asks, "I'm channeling the spirit of Einstein"

28.hold open doors for invisible people

29.ask for an extra worksheets every day, claiming your dog keeps eating them

30.ask your teacher the same question for a week

31.complain to the principal the locker keeps eating your books

32.When you have a sub, greet them by yelling "FRESH MEAT!!!"
33.tell your religion teacher you cant attend school anymore cause its against your religion

34.raise your hand, when they call on you just say "I'm pointing at the ceiling"

35.after being given a worksheet, stick it in your mouth and eat it

36.gnaw on your pencil very loudly the health teacher a pervert

38.using the water fountains, make a slip n' slide down the halls

39.constantly throw your pen across the room and say that your hands have "spastic arteries"

40.scribble on your paper and say its in code so the people wont cheat on you

41.answer every question with "that's what she said, "your mom" or  "your face"

42.scan random body parts and post them all over school

43.switch the bathroom signs

44.pass notes to your imaginary friend and ask why he didn't get in trouble if you get caught to your friends across the room, if your teacher tells you to stop get up and go whisper to them instead

46.cry everytime something falls of a desk, saying it committed suicide

47.When your teacher looks away, bang on the desk and scream when she turns back just do your work.

48.take off your socks and make hand puppets, have them fight over answering the questions

49.ask your foreign language teacher what English words mean

50.Bring a big rubber band ball to school and keep asking the teacher if they want any and throw it at them before they can answer.

51.accuse your shadow of cheating

52.sniff the teacher and ask if they've been drinking

53.walk into a different classroom and see how long it'll take until they notice

54.state that you wrote the text books

55.pretend your blind and deaf

56.Stare at your classmates until they look at you, yell "STOP LOOKING AT ME FREAK YOUR DISTRACING ME!!"

57.answer every question with "well heck, I dunno" across the room, slap the teacher and tell them that "their it"

59.take your pants off and put them in the lost and found

60.randomly run to the window and say "oh sorry I thought I saw the bat signal"
:XD: i just had tooo!!!!!
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tigerlillaaay Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
number 59 tho..
katleidoscopic Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Also 60 ways to get detention... XD
MaximumRide3699 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
i love asking teachers number 20
nightswarrior Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
"hide things and watch your teachers hunt for them" I've done this with my frieds so many times
lunabellatrix Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012
this person at my school does #53 every single the list!!!!![link]
hetaliagirl15 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2011
omg i did 45 every day in my language class haha
jmansword Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2010
omg this list is fucking hilarios
JewishJuggalette Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2010
tell me y ive done sum of these hahahahagreat minds think alike!
Izadork Featured By Owner May 11, 2010
Omg, I effing love these. YOU ARE A GENIUS. XDD

fgjkbgkl I can't stop laughing!
pieface123 Featured By Owner May 12, 2010  Student General Artist
pffft thanks :XD: i seriously was high when i wrote this lol
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